Welcome to Simplicity

One of my greatest joys in DMing is introducing new players to role-playing. In my mind, this is a type of game in which even a complete beginner can contribute in fantastic and often surprising ways, and the prospect of getting to know another person in a unique a way as roleplaying is always something to look forward to. Unfortunately, introducing new players to a roleplaying game can also be incredibly frustrating – my principle gaming system is D&D 3.5, and while this is a very powerful system, it is also very complex. So complex, in fact, that many new players to the game have a very hard time grasping the way it is played, which in turn can vex the DM or more experienced player attempting to teach them to no end. Wizards of the Coast evidently also saw this problem, as they released a totally retooled, simplified D&D a while back: 4th edition. I certainly appreciate the motivations behind the changes, and I am loath to call a system designed by very bright designers bad, but I do not find it to be a system that is right for me or the people I play with. To this end, I set about retooling 3.5 to my own specification, namely by condensing skills and feats, and trying to introduce more opportunities for skills to be used in a combat-focused system. This didn’t get me very far either, however, and I had begun to lose hope. Then, I had an epiphany.

my first roleplaying experience was not with D&D but with an older game called Star Wars RPG by West End Games. This game was based on the D6 system, to which I now turn back in an effort to find some simplicity in roleplaying while still retaining the fun. Thus is Ne6uS (pronounced neh-six-us)created. This will be drawing heavily off of the D6 system as it is revealed in the Star Wars RPG; in essence, I am seeking to generalize the feel of the Star Wars game, to remove the elements that make it setting-specific for Star Wars and thus make it applicable to any games I desire to run. I wish to say here that I mean no infringement of WEGs beloved game – this is posted for my own personal study, if you will, and the study of those few people who may actually make it through this rather verbose introduction and make it to the meat of this system. With that in mind, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this little nostalgic creation of mine, and please leave a comment should you wish to provide compliments or constructive criticism. Happy gaming!